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Correctional Gang Intelligence & Information Sharing Network

Mission Statement

The Correctional Gang Intelligence and Information Sharing Network (CGIISN) is an association of correctional, criminal justice enforcement, and prosecution professionals and agencies. This provides an opportunity for local, county, state, federal law enforcement, correctional professionals, prosecution professionals to network with each other, in order to exchange ideas and to develop effective strategies to deal with correctional gang related problems and trends.

In addition to networking, CGIISN provides affordable training and the opportunity for information sharing in an on-going basis among interested professional criminal justice enforcement and prosecution agencies and those agencies' employees through North American on matters of mutual concern related to correctional gang activities. We acknowledge that corrections-based gangs are increasing both in size and influence even across traditional boundaries and geographical borders. Therefore, the Correctional Gang Intelligence and Information Sharing Network (CGIISN) and its members are committed to collaborative efforts aimed at reducing the influence and effect of corrections-based gangs by engaging in mutually beneficial training, education and on-going information sharing between those members as to improve the quality of life in North American communities and to improve safety to correctional professionals.