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About the CGIISN

Hello and welcome to the Correctional Gang Intelligence and Information Sharing Network. This is an information sharing platform for law enforcement professionals. There are also links for trainings, current events, and outside websites in the public section of this website. There is an old saying, "knowledge is power", and this is an absolute truth in the world of law enforcement. This website and association are here to help build the bridge for nationwide law enforcement information sharing. Although the name of the association is corrections, all law enforcement members are welcome to join.

Criminal trends on the street and in the correctional system is constantly changing, and with information sharing there is better opportunities for the brave men and women in law enforcement to make an impact. The impact can be directed to make the local communities safer for the residents or making the correctional environment safer which creates a situation where those who are incarcerated can have a better chance of being rehabilitated.

Gangs within the correctional system not only create an environment where rehabilitation is harder, but also make the situation much more dangerous for those who are incarcerated and the correctional officers who are trying to maintain order. The goal is for all law enforcement professionals to make it home safely, creating an environment which is ideal for rehabilitation for all, and the betterment of local communities. When individuals join these prison gangs, which can go under numerous names, come out on parole that lifestyle will follow, and that influence will affect others outside of the corrections system. These problems do not stay specifically within the correctional environment.

This is a nationwide non-profit association that was created by Chuck Schoville in 2020. He recognized that there was a need for a central place for correctional information sharing and created CGIISN. After his unfortunate passing in 2021, a group of individuals who believed in this mission and had the passion picked up the torch and pushed forward to finish creating the association. You are welcome to look over the website, ask questions if you would like, and if you are a member of the law enforcement community, become a member which gives a gambit of benefits.